As of Monday, we have come to the point of being 95% sure that December 30th will be our wedding. We had been reserved for the 29th (Thursday) but the people who had their name on the reservation sheet failed to bring their deposit in, so we were able to get our names in instead. This is a wonderful answer to prayer. We spent the majority of the day on Sunday working on things related to our wedding. We were in a counseling session at Wooddale Church, and we sat down with my future in-laws and did cost comparisons of different sights, and examined our options.

Banana had some problems with her car this week. She had a CV joint replaced and a ball joint replaced. All things considered, the $700+ ended up being a pretty good deal considering the concerns she had that some other things might need fixing. She also got a free tune up, and a oil change (which became a fiasco).

I’m beginning to feel the pressure of finals. I still have a week (well half a week) to go, but am not very excited about it. Two huge papers that need to be written. One for Christian Social Ethics, one for Case Studies on Transformational Leadership.