It seems there is never enough time. Between planning a wedding with the lovely Miss Banana, spending time with her, being a full time seminary student, working 20-25 hawking fish gruel, being on staff at a church, and finding time for laundry and personal bathing, it seem I never have enough time for everything. The end result is things I would like to blog are never written. Blogs i would like to read go unread. Thoughts I’d like to express, or at least commit to something beyond the firings (and mis-firings) of my squishy gray matter.

Last Friday I attended the opening of “The Monkey King” at the Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis. It was a good distraction from my daily life, and poses some interesting questions about how our faith shapes our lives. I do reccommend the show, but one must enter it with the understanding that it is an overt presentation of many of the key tennants of the Buddhist faith. I think those who are well versed in Christianity will be able to easily and quickly see how this could lead to some great discussions about faith. I also saw some parallels to the mythical trickster found in some American Indian lore. The acting was quite good, the costuming fantastic. A good bit of humor and farce, mixed with Buddhism, and a splash of modern comedy and pop culture references for seasoning.