Been working on wedding stuff some tonight.

Below is a list of what we (Groom and family) are “expected” to pay for in a traditional marriage from what I understand.
-Wedding Gift for Bride
-Bride’s Wedding & Engagement Ring
-Marriage License
-Gifts for Best Man, Ushers
-Bridal Bouquet and Going-Away Corsage
-Boutonnieres for all men in Wedding party
-Mother’s Corsages
-Fee for Clergy or Judge
-Rehearsal Dinner
-Groom’s formalwear & Accessories

And cut a few other things off this list that didn’t come into play. I don’t want to come off as complaining, as this is the tip of the perverbial iceberg compared to what is expected of the Bride and her family. I’m quickly beginning to understand how people can spend $20K in a blink on a wedding if they want much more than the basics and have more than 200 people.

I’m quite excited to be getting married, I believe Banana and I will really be great together. I realize how much work is ahead of us for the duration of our lives (NOT the duration of our marriage, which will be our lives, as we will both commit to). We’ve been getting good feedback from our marriage counselor, and after having taken the Prepare test together, we are a “Vitalized Couple” according to their system, scoring 100% on two different areas, and not having a real “low” grouping, but certainly areas to work on.

The next 10 months are going to go waaaaay to fast I’m afraid.