So I am now in the midst of finals. Graduate level finals are so different than undergraduate. I expect in the next 7 days to write 40-50 pages. I think I would rather study for a test. All this writing keeps one from slacking, as you cannot fake your knowledge in a paper at this level.

I spent much of yesterday dealing with wedding plans and financial considerations with my beautiful Banana. The wedding plans are going well, as of today I think we will have our deposit in with our reception place – Plymouth Creek Community Center – and we have the church reserved as well. We spent some time talking about guest lists, and it seems that our potential is bigger than we may have previously thought. I need to do some studying to find out what the average percent of those who are invited actually attend. We have concluded what to do with the grooms dinner following the rehearsal, and it should be fun.

Finances are not going as smoothly as wedding plans. Banana rightly is concerned about the amount of debt I will have as a result of graduate school. Adding to that is that we are trying to work out what to do with her house, trying to find me a job, and at the same time we are hoping to begin to acquire income properties. We both have good credit scores, but I still have unsecured debt with credit cards and student loans, so we’ll have to wait and see what we can make happen. A lot of what we will/can do will be predicated on the job application I have in with Bethel, and how things come together with Banana’s house.

This morning I was reminded of the greatness of Theodore Roosevelt as a man and as a President. I sure wish we had some more political leaders like him today. I realize he might not mesh well with modern global politics, but I think he could have adapted and thrived even in this modern system.

I would like to thank Mt. Dew for the many mornings it has allowed me to keep my eyes open when I otherwise would not have been able. Today is one of those days. Every Monday of the past year seems to have been one of those days. I love my current Monday morning class, but I sure hate Monday mornings. Another great aid is Zingos caffinated breath mints. Two small mints give you fresh breath, as well as the equivolent caffine injection as a 12oz. cola. It’s like tabs of rocket fuel for the sleepy mind.

I am really looking forward Spring. I love Spring and Fall, but especially Spring. The combination of the renewal of everything around me, with the reminder of the death and resurrection of Christ (Easter) really brings me joy.