Star Tribune:
GRAND RAPIDS, MINN. — Before a packed auditorium of 650 button-wearing bipartisans with dozens of others outside holding varying signs of support and protest Friday, the House Civil Law and Elections Committee passed a call for a vote by Minnesotans on a constitutional amendment that marriage be defined solely as the union of one man and one woman.

The committee approved the measure on a 7-5 vote, along party lines. The measure would need to pass both the full House and full Senate to be put before the general public. The measure passed the full House in the last legislative session, but it must pass both houses in the same session to go on the ballot.

A nice step, we’ll see where it goes. I think there is hope yet for this state. Minneapolis has an abnormally high percentage of gay population, so I suppose that makes this more difficult here. Add in that it was a Blue state last election, and it tends to be moderately liberal. I really hope it does come to vote, as I believe more than 66% would vote for a marriage amendment prohibiting homosexual marriage. LET THE PEOPLE VOTE!

1. The only way to protect marriage from activist state judges is a
state constitutional amendment. Minnesota’s current marriage law can
be overturned by state judges.

2. Since Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court struck down
Massachusetts’ marriage law, state court judges in New York,
Washington, and California have ruled their state marriage laws

3. A February 2005 Mason Dixon poll found that 65% of Minnesota voters
oppose legalizing same sex marriage; only 21% support legalizing it.
63% support allowing the people of Minnesota to vote on a constitutional
amendment; only 30% oppose allowing the people to vote.

4. Protecting marriage is essential to insuring that children are
raised with a mother and a father. Same sex marriage would radically
redefine marriage and insure more children will be raised without the
benefit of a mother and a father.

Contact your legislators!