Spent the day with the great Banana, working on her home. Got all sorts of projects off her list. Got to spend some time at Home Depot, which always makes for a good afternoon. We put in some weather stripping, worked on a sprayer in the kitchen sink, fixed a door on a closet, worked on the bathtub drain, hung some pictures and probably other stuff I am forgetting. Some more stuff to do on Sunday, hopefully we’ll get it all done.

I completed a paper today for a course called Case Studies in Transformational Leadership. The paper covered the life and leadership of Hudson Taylor. Our target was to hit 15-20 pages, and I think I had 25 or 26 pages. It is really difficult to summarize the life of a person like Hudson Taylor (which is the segment I really went over on – the Bio). I suppose that is why professionals are paid for what they do, they know what to cut and what not to cut. Writing is surprizingly tiring, especially when you are thinking at this level.