I got this from a Focus on the Family email. I am directly affected by the evil of NEA, as my beautiful Banana has to deal with NEA in the school she is attached to.

If you are a Christian whose profession is teaching, what can you do when you object to the political posturing of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teachers union, which has been leaning hard to the left for decades? For many, an alternative is the Christian Educators Association International, which was the first national organization of professional Christian educators working in public, private and charter schools.

From its beginning in 1953, CEAI has served the education community by encouraging, equipping and empowering Christian administrators, teachers and support staff in both public and private education. Like NEA, CEAI provides many benefits for its members, such as professional liability insurance. But it also views teaching as a God-given calling and ministry and it promotes the Judeo-Christian ethic in public schools.

Unlike NEA, CEAI does not become aggressively involved in local school debates, although it does work at grass-root levels to defend faith and family values. One regional group of CEAI recently provided information that helped prevent a gay and lesbian club from being approved by students at a high school in Lawton, Okla. Another alerted parents that a school board in Roseville, Calif., was about to amend district policy to allow students to leave campus for medical procedures, including abortion, without parental knowledge. Parents packed the January board meeting and found the board responsive to their concerns and rights.

When moral concerns or parental rights are at stake, the group is eager to see parent-friendly results. “Parents must not abdicate their parental responsibilities to their child’s public school,” says CEAI executive director Finn Laursen, who worked in public schools for 32 years. And with a stated purpose of preserving traditional Christian values of faith and family in schools, it’s no surprise that a major emphasis and weapon of CEAI is prayer.

For more information, visit www.ceai.org.