I referenced the Willow Creek Association’s Leadership Summit in a post yesterday (and have mentioned it in some other posts in the past I think) and would like to share that there are other options. Sovereign Grace Ministries (started by C.J. Mahaney) also puts on a Leadership Conference. John Piper was one of the speakers at it this year.

The next Sovereign Grace conference is April 26-28, 2006, at Galt House Hotel, Louisville, KY. The Sovereign Grace Ministries’ Leadership Conference is an annual event for pastors, leaders, church administrators, leaders-in-training, and potential leaders. We gather to survey the wondrous Cross, enjoy the exposition of God’s Word, experience biblical fellowship, and passionately worship God together.

I may someday go to the Sovereign Grace conference, but for now I’m going to keep going to the WCA Leadership Summit.

The key speaker this year for SG was John Piper, who I greatly enjoy and respect. The key speaker(s) for the WCA were (August 04) Bill Hybels, Steven Sample, Pat Summit, Tim Sanders, Marcus Buckingham, A.R. Bernard Sr., and T.D. Jakes. I entered the event quite skeptical of what TD Jakes would bring, but his message was solid, informative, and avoided all areas he or his ministry might be disagreed with by conservative evangelicals. His scriptural text was based out of the Old Testament, and he really brought it. Tim Sanders works for Yahoo.com doing leadership with them (as well as some other Fortune 500 companies), and his session was perhaps the most difficult to follow. Marcus Buckingham’s presentation was outstanding, and worth watching a couple of times. Buckingham works for the Gallup organization, and has access to a ton of incredibly interesting information. I will refrain from elaborating on the others, but generally it was excellent. Each session has worship that is very powerful, there are skits, dance ministry performs, and other things that I’m probably forgetting.