As I sit here prepairing to preach tomorrow on Genesis 1:1, my mind keeps wondering onto the subject of Memorial Day. My sermon is written, so I can afford a bit of time and thought at this point.

My generation has escaped war. We were too young by a few years to be part of the Desert Storm action, and for the most part, we are too old to join in for the Iraq war. Without doubt there are people of my generation who chose a military career (or in the reserves) who are part of Iraq, but those who signed up after High School would have fulfilled thier duties on their initial plan.

I am neither pro-war nor a pacifist. I prefer to avoid war when possible, but that’s not always possible. There is evil in the world, and at times we have to stand up to that evil in a physical way.

I greatly appreciate all that has been sacrificed to afford me the luxery I experience by living in the United States of America. The millions of lives lost and altered. I cannot fathom how these lives and families were changed, and will not devalue their sacrifice by trying to so. All I can do is say thanks. To all the Vets I say thank you for doing your duty. Thank you for going above and beyond your duty. I pray you feel valued this year on Memorial Day.