(I posted this a week ago, and wanted to see if it could generate a bit more discussion, so I’m moving it to the top of my blog again.)

For those who read this blog, I’d like you to give me your input on this subject. Let me set a few parameters for this though – Prayer, reading the Bible, and all things related to personal development of the pastor are not what I am talking about. I am talking about his function as a pastor, sheparding the flock. What is most important? I suspect there are a variety of opinions on this subject, and that there are possibly more than one “right” answer depending on the context and season of the particular church.

My thoughts currently are split between the half hour before and after church, and the weekly staff meeting. The time before and after church is where a lot of connections are made in most churches. This is probably more true in smaller churches though I suppose.

The staff meeting is where the pastor can put his vision into action through the staff of the church. While a pastor in a small church can keep his hands on each ministry, in larger churches that is simply not possible.

I’d like to spend more time fleshing these thoughts out, but I would first like some feedback (if anyone is reading and feels inclined to do so that is…) on what others think.