…but I don’t. So instead I’ll share with you what I’ve been thinking about and how life is going. This is more vent than insight…

First, I’ve been trying to cram Koine Greek into my brain all summer long. I have a serious problem with learning languages. I have struggled all my life with English, I tried to learn Spanish for 4 years, and Greek has been killing me throughout Seminary. I started Greek my first semester of Seminary (taught by the highly esteemed Dr. James Brooks), and discovered just how hard it was. I got a “C” only by the grace of the professor. We are required to have a minimum of a “C” in our language classes for it to count toward our MDiv. I was really struggling, so I decided it would be best to take some time off from the Greek. This past year I started Greek again, taking the first course over as an audit course, and then taking the second course for credit. I got a pretty good grade, again by the grace of the instructor (taught by the delightful Ms. Holly Feia). The problem is by the middle to the end of the semester I was sinking not swimming…well my head WAS swimming. My grade rode the back of the easier tests of the early part of the semester added to my in class participation. This September 2nd I have to take what is effectively an enterence exam, which if I pass allows me into the 3rd (and final!) Greek course. I would still have to take my New Testament courses in Greek, but that is focused on the NT and not so much the language. My dillema is I’m doing my best at reviewing and trying to learn all that stuff that slipped out or through over the past semester, but it doesn’t seem to be sticking. I am seriously worried about the test in September, because I am just a little over a year from graduating, and the only thing that could hold me back at this point is this test. I know thousands have made it before me, but we don’t ever seem to hear about those who didn’t make it. The sole example of those who didn’t pass that I am aware of is Doug Padgett from Solomon’s Porch, and that is only because Doug joked about it while giving a talk about his church last year. So every day I carry around flash cards in my pockets. Every day I try to remember paradigms. And every day I am hating my life because of it. Summers are supposed to be relaxing, time to enjoy life and be re-energized so we can make it through another year of school. Not this year, or at least not for me. Pray that I remember stuff. Pray that the stuff sinks in at a faster rate for me. Pray that God gives me the gift of tongues, and that the language I am given is KOINE GREEK!

The other thing going on in my life at the moment is that my fiancee Banana tore her tibial tendon in her right foot/ankle. Tomorrow I am taking her into a specialist to see if surgery is required, and it appears that is a high likelihood. She’s been on crutches for the better part of a week because of this, and it’s been pretty tough on her. The timing of it was really good as far as silver linings go though. If it had to happen in the next 4-8 months, it could not have hit a better time for her/us. Pray for good results and speedy healing. She’s already stressed because of wedding planning, this isn’t helping calm her any. She’s frustrated about her physical health in general, as this is just the most receint in a string of strange injuries.

I do still have plans on a second post summarizing Dr. Wayne Grudem’s thoughts on Election. I might try to get to that on Wednesday.