Generally I am very good at handling stress. Especially high intensity situations. But when it is a prolonged form of stress, I am less adept at dealing with it. This past week has been one of the longest weeks of my life, and this current week isn’t looking a whole lot better. I don’t really want anybody’s sympathy, it’s just cathartic for me to write about it and process my thoughts a bit. What I need is a day or two off, to get away from it all, and to recenter myself emotional, physically and spiritually. It’s bad to start a new semester of school off so out of whack.

For the most part, the stressers in my week were ones of my chooseing. I had a very busy week dealing with things for Student Senate, and there is a lot more I could have done. I wasn’t as motivated to move early in the week, so that loaded the brunt of my effort in moving to this past weekend. There are other things as well that I chose, and could have avoided, but my life would be much less fulfilling without. I think I just need to schedule some free time next week. Time where I am going to go out, and watch the leaves change color (if they haven’t all aready done so, I can see some changing already). I need to go and find a puppy to play with. Puppies always restore my energy and joy. I need to sleep. I need to eat well, as everything I’ve been eating this past week has been rushed and on the run.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I never want to move again. I know that’s not realistic (especially since I’m getting married in late December of this year), but I sure do hate it. It’s nice to go through everything and reduce the clutter, but it’s just so much time and effort.