The picture on the right is an image of the rainfall amounts of last night. Anything in red got more than 4 inches, and Banana’s house falls within the circle where the red section is. I would guess 6.25 inches fell there from looking at surrounding reports and from listening to calls into 830AM WCCO.

The pictures yesterday and today are from the Star Tribune. Some snippets below from the Trib about the storm:

Sump pumps, dehumidifiers and fans whirred nonstop Wednesday as Twin Cities residents mopped up and dried out after Tuesday’s rain flooded streets, ponds and storm sewers.

At least 4 inches of rain saturated most of the metro, with some areas getting substantially more. Nearly 7 inches fell in Burnsville and 9.59 inches was recorded at the airport in Rush City, some 50 miles north of the Twin Cities in Chisago County.

Roads closed. Cars stalled. Basements flooded. Rivers rose. And records were broken.

The 4.61 inches that fell at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport broke the record for Oct. 4 and set a daily record for the month of October, according to the National Weather Service. The old record was 2.75 inches and the October average rainfall is only 2.11 inches.

In Lakeville, at least eight homes near 167th Street and Cedar Avenue were evacuated by police and firefighters as a wetland overflowed. A nearby six-block section of Cedar was closed overnight because “the rain was creating a river on the streets,” said Police Chief Steve Strachan.

Officers went to nearby homes where waist-high water lapped at front doors and suggested that homeowners flee, Strachan said.

At least a dozen residents took refuge in the nearby Ole Piper Inn Restaurant, which was just about to close at 1 a.m. Restaurant employees served pizza, turned on the cartoon channel and assured a little girl that her pet rabbit would be safe. By 6 a.m., people returned home.”

“We’re a family restaurant and these are our neighbors,” said owner Ron Kveton. “You just do what you have to do.”