Go here and read a great comparison between infomercial star Anthony “Tony” Robbins and pastor Joel Osteen.


The comparison between the two “daily devotionals” shown above, is not the end of the similarities between these men. Whether the similarities are intentional or not, they may give us a clue as to how “numeric-success” is often achieved in the modern church. It may be that it’s achieved by looking and sounding like the world’s formula for self-empowerment and self-esteem.

As you consider their books and quotes below, keep in mind that Robbins is NOT attempting to speak a Christian message at all; his is a secular “personal success” message. Though the words are not identical, their “power within” theme is a striking commonality. Judge for yourself whether any of the quotes that you see below (from either man) can be substantiated biblically.

(HT: Reformation 21)