Earlier today I received an email from the Senior Pastor (Bob Merritt) of Eagle Brook Church in response to my concerns about their bringing in Tony Campolo for a Men’s Ministry event. While I won’t post the email here, it was enormously encouraging. Bob expressed some similar concerns about having to watch Dr. Campolo closely, and giving him a small box from which to work/speak from. Eagle Brook Church is a great church, and knowing that the leadership of the church takes things like this seriously is very encouraging to me. They are a church approaching 6000+ in weekly attendance, in 7 different services. They are in the process of building an entire new church campus, and I really think they have some fantastic ministries. Knowing they hear the voices of concern, and they share the concerns tells me they haven’t grown too big to care. Certainly I have/had a relationship with the Senior Pastor that many in this congregation cannot have, but to know he heard my concerns, shared and validated my concerns says a great deal about this church and their staff. Kudos to Bob Merritt for hearing my concerns, and for dealing with this head on. Bob has asked that I pray for him and his team as they deal with this, and I ask that you too would join me in praying for this ministry team and church.

On that note, a word for all who read this. If you have concerns similar to the ones I expressed here in my blog about a church you care about, talk to those in leadership in that church. It would be one thing for me to simply complain about Eagle Brook Church, and leave it at that. I don’t think that is proper. I went to my brother and expressed my concern.