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Presbyterian Church Ordains Gay Minister

There’s an effort aimed for the next general assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) that would allow individual presbyteries to decide whether to ordain homosexuals to the clergy.

At least one presbytery has already ordained an openly gay minister. Rev. Joseph Gilmore, who presided at the ordination of openly gay Raymond Bagnuolo, said the members of South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., are feeling enormous pride. Gilmore told Family News in Focus radio that what the Bible may have to say about such ordinations no longer applies. “When the writers of the original sacred text — the Bible — wrote all those years ago, they thought the earth was flat. Am I obliged to think the earth is flat?” he asked. “They also thought that there was only one sexuality and that was heterosexuality.”

Earl Tilford, a professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, a PCUSA school, called it another step in a long march to apostasy. “It started in 1967 when the Presbyterian Church decided that the Bible was not the Word of God, but that it contains the Word of God — along with a lot of nice suggestions,” he said.

Rather than a contentious split, Tilford suspects the erosion of Bible-based teaching will bring slow death to the denomination. He estimates that even at the current rate of decline in membership, the denomination will be gone in 35 years. “It’s hemorrhaging its membership,” he said. “If gay ordination and/or gay marriage ever becomes the law of the church, you will see half the members leave.”