Just a short while ago, we finished moving all of my worldly possessions. Wow, I own a lot of stuff. I am no longer a resident of Arden Hills, MN. I now live in East St. Paul, MN. I’m also less than 48 hours from becoming a married man. That is of course assuming my bride to be makes in through the next 2 days. She’s feeling the strain of the details at the moment. While I’ve been moving, she’s been taking care of an endless number of things to make sure this is a fantastic event, and I appreciate that. We are being very Christ focused in our wedding. We’re having a candle lighting ceremony at the end (similar to that which is done in many churches Christmas Eve) and challenging people to be a light unto the world. We pray that we are a light to those in attendance, and that everyone will take that and share it with others for the Kingdom.

Beyond having just moved and planning a wedding, I have a paper to write, so I suppose I’ll get to that. It’s only 11:53 PM, almost the perfect time to start a final paper 8-)

Likely I won’t post again until we are back from our honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. I can’t wait to get there!

An Atlanta newspaper (Atlanta Journal Constitution has had two articles in it on the Cancun and Hurricane Wilma recovery effrots. The first article and the second article.