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Pastor Bob's E-Notes

Dear Friends,
I couldn’t leave the office this week without celebrating with you, our church family, what God did this past weekend. We had nine outstanding Easter Services, at two locations that over 13,000 people attended. Now, just stop for a moment and let that sink in. That’s almost 5,000 more than attended Easter last year. Only God can do that. And over 300 people “ that we know of “ made a first time decision for Christ. I again sit back and feel so small and so grateful that God has chosen to bring people into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ through this church.

We’re so excited about our next series, Match: “ Relational Do’s Don’ts, & Did’s that kicks off this weekend. Many people who came to Eagle Brook on Easter will be coming back for this series. That’s good, but our fear is that 11:00 on Sunday at Lino Lakes will be packed. So again, if it works for you, please consider attending a service other that the 11:00 service at Lino (see below) so we can accommodate post Easter crowds.

I can’t thank all of you who pray, invite and serve so faithfully to make all this possible; truly this is a team effort. Thank you for being willing and available.

In Christ alone,


Weekend Services Times:
Lino Lakes Location
Saturday 4 & 6 pm
Sunday 9 & 11 am
White Bear Lake Location
EDGE: Saturday 6 & 7:30 pm
Brook: Sunday 10 am

More info on the Match Series:


It’s Your Relationship—Choose Wisely What You’ll Do With It!

Eagle Brook Message Series:
April 22/23-May 27/28

Different goals.
Distinct personalities.
Separate upbringings.

When two people come together in a relationship, most are hard pressed to find a “perfect match” on all accounts. But, there are ways to minimize relational disappointments and to maximize what you have in common.

Come to Eagle Brook Church for six consecutive weekend services that will offer important answers for how to:

* date wisely
* succeed at marriage
* raise respectable and responsible children
* pick up the pieces from a broken relationship

Maybe you’re just beginning to date or have already said your “I dos.” Perhaps you’ve just started a family or have recently become an empty nester. Single, married, or divorced, this message series is for you. It will help you make good relational choices—from this day forward.

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