Having now seen the movie "The DaVinci Code" I thought it was time for me to unveil my review of James L. Garlow's book "The Davinci Codebreaker". I am not paid for this review, but I was given a free copy through Active Christian Media (what used to be called "Mind & Media").

The cover of the book states that it is "An Easy-To-Use Fact Checker" and it lives up to that end. Think of this book as a dictionary of apologetics for the book and movie. The authors research is thourough, and very comprehensive. He's thought of things and made connections that I believe few others would. As a Seminary student, some of the book's entries are review of things I studied in classes like Church History, but there is quite a bit of information that I found new and interesting. An example of it's exhaustiveness would be that rather than just referencing the Gnostic gospels that are mentioned in the book/movie, Garlow goes far beyond that and defines many other Gnostic gospels that never come into play. There are more than 500 facts and terms in this book, all of which are well written and informative. This would be a book I highly reccommend adding to your library as an apologetics tool. Unfortunatly with the way Dan Brown falsifies truth, books of this nature are necessary.

The practical applications of this book are limitless. Even if you didn't see or watch the movie you could learn a lot from just reading this book, as it is full of useful information seperate from it's intended goal of being an apologetic on The DaVinci Code. This is not a reader book, as it is written in a dictionary format, with alphabetical entries chosen by their relationship to the book/movie and the subjects in the book/movie. Go and get a copy, so when your friends, co-workers, and family start asking questions you can respond in an informed way. This book gives the facts that refute Dan Brown's fiction portrayed as fact.

I would pair this book with Lee Strobel's "Case for Faith" as a good one-two punch for anyone who finds they want to know more about Christianity and how it is so poorly represented by the careless pen of Dan Brown.

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