I have begun to read David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and am really impressed by the book. I look forward to finishing it and fully applying its principles to my life. It will take some discipline initially, but it will definately be worth it. Some of Allen’s free articles can be found here and will give you an idea of what this is all about. I was convinced that I need to read this book (after hearing about it for a while) when I read on Justin Taylor’s Between Two Worlds Blog that Dr. Wayne Grudem had reciently read this book and was recommending it to everyone he knew. That is high praise in my book as Dr. Grudem was already getting a lot of stuff done.

David Allen is an international author, lecturer, and founder and President of the David Allen Company, a management consulting, coaching, and training company.

In the last twenty years he has developed and implemented productivity improvement programs for over a half million professionals in hundreds of organizations worldwide, including many Fortune 500 corporations and U.S. Government agencies. He delivers public and in-house seminars, executive workflow coaching, and consulting programs that address interactive and organizational productivity and alignment issues.

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