I love the snow…just not today. I love snow because it reminds me of God’s glory. Each flake falling from the sky in its individual form is a miracle. Watching heavy snow fall is very soothing, especially in the city. The snow absorbs all the sounds, makes the city somewhat quiet for a time. It also makes the city clean. Cities are generally ugly and dirty in my experience. The stale concrete, the trash on the side of the road, the smells and noise – they are like our sin. We are filthy. Even when we clean up or cover up, we still smell. The snow makes that look pure, clean, as we look to God if we have accepted Christ as our Savior.

Today it is snowing in Arden Hills, MN. It is not snowing hard, just a few flakes here and there. But it nonetheless reminds me of the grace that falls down on me. I cannot make it snow, and I cannot make the grace that I need, both are beyond me. And I am thankful for both, though not yet ready for the snow.

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