I spent this afternoon talking with a man who I would dub as a seeker. My wife invited him over after he expressed some interest in talking about God. He is blind, and we see him walking past our house from time to time. We had a lengthy discussion about God 2.5+ hours, and he would like to talk again. Pray that God will work on his heart, that he will be more open to the Gospel, and that I (or whoever else he talks to next) will have the right words to share with him.

He was blinded a few years ago in a motorcycle accident and lives with his son who is a senior in a nearby high school. He is very postmodern (in spite of being in his mid 50’s) and is trying to draw from every religious stream. He is struggling through a contorted image of God. He is hung up on a good number of things in the Old Testament. We will be meeting again, he has invited us (my wife and I) over to his house for the next round.

Please pray for him and I (and my wife). We both need it.