Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds blog shared the following earlier today:


If you are interested in reviewing Overcoming Sin and Temptation (ed. Kapic and Taylor) and/or Suffering and the Sovereignty of God (ed. Piper and Taylor), here’s what you can do:

  1. Send us an email at blogbookreviews@gmail.com, letting us know which book you’d like to review. (It’s fine if you want both.)
  2. We’ll email you a free PDF of the book(s). We won’t send out any more PDFs after October 31, so please send your requests before then.
  3. If you post a blog review, then please cross-post it at Amazon.com.
  4. Then send us the blogreview link + your snail-mail address, and we’ll send you a free hardcopy of the book(s).

If you want to read the entire book before you review it, that’s great! But another suggestion would be to read and review three chapters from the Suffering book and/or the Introduction + just the Mortification book.

Happy reading and reviewing!


For the record, I am doing this (got both books already downloaded, thanks Justin!) and have done this previously with Sex and the Supremacy of Christ (sorry about the formatting issues!) which was also a Piper and Taylor collaboration based off of the Desiring God National Conference of the same title.

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