Over the past few years I have blogged extensively on Eagle Brook Church of both Lino Lakes and White Bear Lake Minnesota (two campus church). Today I was digging around their website when I discovered they have started making their sermons available online!

You can reach all of Eagle Brook Church’s messages at their Past Messages page. There are currently only two videos available, but more will be added from this point forward. I haven’t heard anything on whether they will be adding in past sermons or not. I have also not seen anything on a Vodcast by Eagle Brook Church, but since they only recently added a Podcast I’ll give them a bit of time to get everything worked out before I inquire on this.

The first two sermons on video are:

Oct. 14/15 – Amazing Faith
Oct. 21/22 – Amazing Relevance

I have been watching the Amazing Relevance sermon this morning, and it is really good stuff. Speaking Pastor Jason Anderson uses an example from his own life about how he and his wife (the talented Amy Anderson) and children first came to Eagle Brook Church. The sermon is part of a series called “God’s Amazing Church” where they are really hitting hard the questions of Why does Eagle Brook Church exist and Why do they do the things they do the way they do. Amazing Relevance is about why they place such a priority on being a relevant church. That doesn’t mean a sold out church, or a church that is controlled by culture, but one that is informed and wisely uses the surrounding culture and one that ties church into every day life. They call it “Using what is cultural to communicate what is timeless”. This is why I so deeply appreciate what this church is doing in the North Metro of Minneapolis and St. Paul. What is even greater, is that they understand that they are not the only church, and that churches should not be in competition with each other. They give away their best ideas. They frequently counsel other pastors and church staffs on how to get better at being/doing church. They want to help every church reach people for Christ and see lives transformed. They want to change the world.

So congrats and thanks to Eagle Brook Church for making yet another resource for online ministry available.

God’s Amazing Church is a launch for the next stage in ministry at Eagle Brook Church. To see all the details on this visit the God’s Amazing Church portion of their website. In summary, 0n October 14, 2006, Eagle Brook Church launched a 3-year campaign to raise $20 million. This money will be used to BUILD UP the ministry of Eagle Brook Church, and BUILD OUT to help people and churches beyond our church walls.

Eagle Brook Church is planning on at least 15% attendance growth for the next 3 years. Since they opened their new campus December 4th/5th of 2005 they have gone from roughly 6400 weekly attenders to over 10,000 people each week worshiping in one of their two campuses. God is moving in big ways in this church! They have done their homework, and have identified where their people come from, and how many more still need to find a church home. There are 300,000 people who live within a 10-mile radius of EBC, and just a small percentage of those households attend EBC. Many have no church affiliation at all, and half only go to church once or twice a year.

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