Where the Hand of God and the Hands of Men Meet

In the shifting sands of churches today the doctrine of God has taken the back burner to more cultural hot buttons. This should alarm the church, as many of the debated issues center on the doctrine of God. If you trace back one of the more prevalent disagreements of today you begin to realize it started with the shaky doctrine of God being held by that group. Resurgence is glad to bring in Dr. Bruce Ware from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to Mars Hill Church’s Ballard Campus. Dr. Ware is an accomplished professor and writer in this field and will encourage the church in the three messages on the providence of God. This conference is starting just after the Acts 29 Network boot camp in Seattle. As well Dr. Ware will be preaching on Sunday March 25th at Mars Hill Church. The price of the Resurgence Conference 2007 is $25. To register click here. Also, follow this link to download the Welcome Packet (including directions, lodging and food information).

Conference Schedule

Friday, March 23rd 7pm
Session 1: Uncertain Hands of God and Men: Providence in Process Thought and Open Theism
Saturday March 24th, 10am
Session 2: Independent Hands of God and Men: Providence in Classic Arminianism
Saturday March 24th, 12pm
Lunch – on your own
Saturday March 24th, 1:30pm
Session 3: Coordinated Hands of God and Men: Providence in the Reformed Tradition
This Resurgence event will be held directly following the Acts 29 Network Boot Camp. For more details on this event, go to: http://www.acts29network.org/event/2007-03-21-boot-camp–seattle-nw

There is no childcare for this event.
Mars Hill Church
1401 NW Leary Way
Seattle, Washington
United States

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