have been invited to write a few prayer devotionals for an upcoming 40 days of prayer. I would appreciate any feedback you might have on the following sample. I might post more of these as I complete them if time allows. Each one needs to be roughly a 1/2 page, and needs to be written for the average church member at my church.



The God We Approach & How I Approach Him

Romans 8:15-17

Paul tells us that believers are the children of God, fully sharing with Christ the place of heirs. Through this freedom we are set free from the bondage of fear, liberated to become fully who we were created to be. As God’s children, we know we have a family, and as coheirs with Christ we know we will be included in his family forever. Through this adoption our former debts are canceled, we start a new life with all of the rights, privileges and responsibilities of being a family member. One of the greatest privileges as children of God we may then come before him with open honesty about all things, and the way we do that is through prayer.

Verse 17 reminds us that as coheirs with Christ that we will also share in his suffering in the same manner we share in his glory. Paul lived this out shared his suffering with his readers. Throughout his suffering, Paul continued to glorify God and exalt Christ. We too are called as believers to live in this way. Christ knew suffering. God understands hurts, pain, and sacrifice, and we do not experience this alone. We therefore can come before him in our times of need, knowing that he loves us, cares for us, understands our need, and hears our prayers.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the freedom and security I have in you! I thank you for my adopted place in your family and how that allows me to be in a loving relationship with you. By giving your son for my salvation you have demonstrated what true love is, and how you are concerned about me both now and for eternity. May your Spirit dwell within me and help me keep my mind set on what you desire. Amen

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