To follow up further on Barna since Dave Tilma asked in the comments the other day my thoughts on Barna - Focus on the Family sent this out in their "Pastor's Weekly Briefing" a while back:

The Growing House-Church Movement

As the number of house churches in America continues to grow, recent research has shown that those who attend house churches are significantly more satisfied with their overall spiritual experience than those who attend conventional churches. The results of a study released this week by the Barna Group reveal that about two-thirds of house church attenders were "completely satisfied" with the leadership, faith commitment and level of community in their fellowship. In contrast, less than 50 percent of those attending traditional churches felt "completely satisfied" in those same areas.

Barna's research also shows that, among those who attend church of some type, 74 percent attend only a conventional church while only five percent attend a house church exclusively. About 19 percent frequent both house churches and conventional churches. The other two percent are part of small groups that are not considered to be house churches or traditional churches. The number of Americans who attend a house-church gathering in a typical week is estimated to be about 20 million.

For more information about Barna's research, visit

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