Mark Driscoll has been taking some heat and some hits the last couple of days over a session he filmed for the Exponential Conference which is the 2007 National New Church Conference - a conference for start ups, church plants, and people trying to make churches improve and grow.

The video of Driscoll's session is now available on YouTube. The video is 9 minutes long, and worth your time to listen to.

I appreciate Mark for the way he speaks the truth, and how passionate he is about it. Amen Brother, AMEN! And the video is really cool too.

Mark Driscoll posted on his blog just a bit ago about the video. It appears that every person in attendance at the conference was supposed to get a DVD of this video, and after Bill Hybels sold Driscoll out, the leadership of the conference decided to not pass out the videos. I've lost some respect I had for Hybels over this.

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