Below is a message from my dear friend Sammy Wanyonyi.  Sammy and I went to Bethel Seminary together the past 4+ years.  Sammy is the man who took over from me as the President of Bethel Seminary’s Student Senate.  I’ve told Sammy this before, but I would pay money to hear this man pray.  This is a man of God, impacting the world in ways most of us can just dream of.  If nothing else, add Sammy and his team to your prayer list!

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Dear Ministry Friend,
In a week’s time, our ministry team heads to the countries of Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Malawi and Kenya for evangelistic outreach and leadership conferences.  The Gospel of Christ is our core motivation for these efforts to bring the message of hope to the world.   By God’s grace, we anticipate to minister directly to nearly 150,000 people through the Arise And Shine DR Congo, Festival of Hope in Bukavu, DRC, the ministry to prisoners in Rwanda, and through the Great Lakes Region Conference on Leadership and Governance in Kigali, Rwanda.  We will also be conducting a Pastor’s conference in Malawi and ministry to congregations in Kenya. 
At the Arise And Shine DRC Festival of Hope in Bukavu, SWIM is working with over 400 churches around the city and in the South Kivu Province to bring the message of hope, forgiveness, peace, and reconciliation through Christ. After eight years of devastating war, a new era is emerging as the churches encourage reconciliation and reconstruction. 
The Leadership and Governance Conference in Kigali is of particular significance, bringing together political, religious and business leaders from eight African nations in the region to interact with the message of Christ.  Whereas we will explore different models of leadership and business effectiveness pertinent to the region, the Conference’s central motif is that the Gospel is incomplete if it does not affect and influence how people live, relate, and govern.  It is not enough to confront personal sin.  As the Church of Jesus Christ, we must work together with and alongside governmental and business leaders to establish peace, explore ethical approaches to business, and advocate for equity and moral integrity in day to day activities. 
Following last year’s conference, Rwanda’s Minister for Local Government and Good Governance Hon. Protais Musoni while applauding the conference remarked on the necessity of such collaboration:  “There is nothing of greater value in our society today than forging unity between the Church and the State if we are to correct past mistakes, develop competent societies, and achieve sustainable development.”  We thank God that this year, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is able to be present with us to officially open the conference.  Besides me, our SWIM team of speakers for this year include President of Cargill’s ArgHorizons a multi national corporation based in Minnesota Daniel Dye, Minneapolis/St. Paul Int’l Airport Director Steve Wareham, and Senior Pastor of Life Church, Maple Groves, MN and former advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, Rev. Ron Roberts.  Presenters from the region include Rwanda’s First Lady Janet Kagame and Burundi’s First Lady Denise Ngurunziza among others.  Visit my blog for detailed profiles of our team members and to follow our mission.  

Our ministry team traveling to the Africa Great Lakes Region for the Leadership And Governance Conference and Arise And Shine DR Congo, Festival of Hope.  From left front row:  Dan Dye, North American President of Cargill ArgHorizon and MBA professor at Bethel Univeristy, Sammy Wanyonyi, Evangelist and President of SWIM, Ebony Hatch, Master of Divinity Student at Bethel University, Mike Galbraith, Undergraduate Student, Business Major at Bethel University.  Back row from left: Steve Wareham, Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport Director, Rev. Ron Roberts, Senior Pastor of Life Church, Maple Groves, Robert Stadler, Senior Principal Scientist for Medtronic, and Randy Galbraith, Businessman from Marshall, MN.  Not included in picture is Grace Fragoso, Missionary from Brazil with Orphanos Foundation, Cordova, TN.    

The leadership conference in Kigali, Rwanda will minister to political, religious, and business leaders from eight countries in the Africa Great Lakes region.  Hon. Solange, a Rwandan member of parliament and deputy minister was among those who participated in last years’ conference.  “I am thankful that God has raised SWIM to minister to us.  As I work with women and other leaders in our community, my vision is to equip the next generation to foster change that enables peace and stability.”

1000 pastors in the Africa Great Lakes region will be equipped and encouraged through the pastors and evangelists conference in Bukavu, DRC and in Malawi.

Arise and Shine DR Congo Festival of Hope in Bukavu, DRC will directly minister to 100,000 people while many others will hear the message of hope through radio, television and local newspapers. 

During our time in Rwanda, our team will hold an evangelistic service and share the message of hope, forgiveness and reconciliation with 12000 prisoners at a prison facility near Kigali. 

More than 400 churches in Bukavu and the surrounding communities, DRC are working with SWIM and praying for healing and restoration following eight years of devastating war and conflict.  Will you join with us and with these churches to pray that thousands of people come to faith in Jesus Christ through the Festival of Hope?   

I invite you to partner with us during this season of ministry in the Africa Great Lakes Region.  We are already experiencing great breakthroughs as our team prepares.  However, we request you to commit to pray daily with us. You can follow the happenings through the SWIM Website and get current updates from my blog.   In the next few days preceding the Conference and Festival of Hope, I am posting profiles and leadership insights from our ministry team on my blog.  I encourage you to visit, read and leave us comments.   
Thank you for your continued partnership as we make Jesus Christ famous and reach out to the world together.  For your inspiration, listen to this message I shared with Westwood Community Church Congregation this Sunday: How Then Do We Live In the Anxious Middle?
Sammy Wanyonyi
SWIM President And Evangelist

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