Later today, myself and 5 others from my church will all pile into a 15 passenger van (minus the back seat) and make the trek down to Willow Creek Community Church for the Ancient-Future Conference for small group ministries.  Scot McKnight, Will Miller, Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue, Alan Hirsch, Ron Martoia, and Mark Buchanan are just a few of the many leaders who will be leading sessions.  We actually had Scot McKnight flown into our church (Crossroads) this past weekend to help launch one part of our meal groups ministry for our Sanctuary service.

I have never been to Willow Creek Community Church (or Chicago outside the airports for that matter) so I am excited to check things out.  I have always attended the Leadership Summit at a satellite campus.

One of our plans while in Chicago is to eat at Gino’s Pizza.  My mouth is already watering!  We’ll then make our way down to Navy Pier after filling ourselves with some of the best pizza on the planet.

We launched our meal groups ministry this past weekend at Crossroads Church.  It was a lot of work, but a great success.  We doubled the number of people who are part of a small group in our church through this process.  While we still have a good bit of room for growth in this area, it was a rousing success.  Especially considering the accelerated pace at which everything had to be put together to get our meal group launch off the ground.  We are now at roughly 40+% of our adults who attend Crossroads who are in a meal group!

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