It’s official. I accepted a call from First Congregational Church, Waseca, MN to be their Senior Pastor! We are very excited about this opportunity. Truth be told, I drug out the process longer than I probably had to, to make absolutely sure we were sure on this.

So a lot of changes in our lives will be coming! We’ve already looked at some houses, but likely none that were in our price range. We saw some absolutely beautiful houses in Waseca though. While I wouldn’t say housing is cheap there, the prices are far more reasonable than they are in the Twin Cities.

So in the days/weeks to come, I’ll be posting more about this exciting change in our lives. My start date is March 15th.

Just a bit of background on First Congregational Church (FCC) and Congregationalism:
FCC was founded in 1868.
First building burned down in 1951.
The pilgrims on The Mayflower were Congregationalists.
Jonathan Edwards was a Congregationalist.

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