Pardon me while I wipe drool from my keyboard. Today the ESV Study Bible web page went live.

The ESV is my preferred translation of the Bible as I have mentioned before. I have one full sized ESV and a couple of pocket ESV’s. My full sized ESV is great, but it has a binding problem whereby the cover has slowly begun to separate itself from the rest of the book. I have to hold it carefully when I read, or it’ll tear completely free. It has been glued once, and it didn’t really last long so I’m not doing it again.

The argument could be made “Don’t you already have a Bible or twelve?”. Yep. I do. I gave one away just last Monday. BTW I love giving Bibles away. I do have a number of older Bibles of mine in various states of usability. Some of those are in need of retiring, others I plan on giving away. I have a few Bibles that are just for reference – an NASB for example – that I want for the odd occasion that I want either a very literal or a highly interpreted version to cross reference. Yes I do have Bible software that does some of this, but not all the major versions are within my price range to add these to my software. I got a handful of Bibles at various times through Seminary too, ones that were being given away by publishers.

With all that said, I have nothing that comes close to the ESV Study Bible. I have an NIV Study Bible, but I’ve always felt that it fell short on the extras that a Study Bible should contain. A bunch of super tiny print foot notes, but not much else.

So when October comes, I’ll be getting a new Bible. I suspect I’ll order it online so I won’t have to tent out in front of a Christian book store somewhere the night before, even though that does sound like a lot of fun.

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