This just posted on the Mars Hill Church web site:

This summer, City on a Hill Church in Albuquerque will become a Mars Hill campus. We will partner together in an effort to reach as many people as possible with the gospel of Jesus. Over the past three months, the Executive Elders of Mars Hill and the pastors of City on a Hill have spent many hours in discussion, prayer, and study in order to reach this unanimous decision.

Dave Bruskas is the lead pastor at City on a Hill, which has been a part of the Acts 29 Network since 2007. He is a proven, seasoned pastor and a gifted teacher. He is a loving husband, and a devoted father to his four daughters. Dave will be the Albuquerque campus pastor and serve as a regional director for both Acts 29 and Mars Hill, starting new campuses, starting new churches, and continuing to lead the local congregation.

The transition from City on a Hill to Mars Hill Church will be official in the next few months, and the new campus will celebrate its grand opening this fall. In the meantime, the local leadership will help shepherd the congregation through the transition, and Mars Hill pastors will spend some time onsite to provide training and fellowship as we get better acquainted with this new extension of our church family (for example, Tim Smith, our lead worship pastor, will visit next weekend, and Pastor Mark will preach live at City on a Hill on May 24).

Getting Acquainted

  • The congregation meets in the Lobo Theater. Built in 1939, it’s the oldest theater still standing along the historic Route 66.
  • At present, City on a Hill’s average attendance ranges between 300 to 400 adults and children.
  • Seven pastors serve the City on a Hill congregation.
  • City on a Hill Church was founded in April 2001, and replanted as an Acts 29 church in July 2007.
  • The vast majority of the church falls within the 24-35 range and mirrors the multicultural make-up of metropolitan Albuquerque.
  • The location is in the cultural heart of Albuquerque, a short distance from the University of New Mexico, which is the largest state campus in the US with a majority minority enrollment.
  • Albuquerque is the #1 “Creative Class” city among medium-sized cities (Seattle is #5 on the large city list).
  • City on a Hill Church shares Mars Hill Church’s commitment to be a “city within the city, living for Jesus.”