Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Fellowship has some wisdom for new and young pastors about preaching.  I’m totally feeling him on the time limit, as that is one I try to keep in mind (usually).  This Fireproof series has killed my time limit, but I intend to keep my messages more compact for the rest of the summer.  It is clear when I run over and loose my audience.  Some of that is me, some of that is the culture of our church, but either way I have to keep it in mind as I prepare my sermon for the week.  And he’s right, preaching is definately learning via trial by fire, and thankfully my church has been quite gracious with me.

Pastor MacDonald writes:

One of my greatest joys these days is working with young preachers
trying to ‘fast track’ them through some of the lessons I have learned
through almost three decades of preaching. I was blessed to attend some
great schools, but truthfully most of the bit I have learned about
preaching came from painful Sunday afternoons of lamenting the ‘getting
it wrong’ and determining to do it better next time. I am humbled and
blessed by the thought that my lessons learned through much travail can
be given to hungry young preachers just starting out.

Ok so here’s some of the mistakes I made and observe: